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Kids Bike


Whether you’re looking for your kid’s first balance bike or upgrading to a mountain bike or road bike, we can help you choose a bicycle that will last. Our professional staff can help you find the right size and style so your child can get an early start in the cycling lifestyle. We carry a variety of leading kids’ bikes brands in our store including Diamondback, Haro, Raleigh, and Stryder. 
BMX Bike


BMX riding is a thrilling adventure for kids and adult riders, and we carry a variety of BMX rigs to cater to your style. If you’re looking for speed, explore our selection of BMX racing bikes from Cult, Sunday, Haro, DK Bikes, Fit Bike Co., and Redline. If jumps and tricks are your style, then test ride the freestyle BMX bikes we carry.
Road Bike


Riders who prefer to go fast and cover vast stretches on the highway or paved trails will not want to miss our selection of road bikes from Masi, Raleigh, Haro, Townie, and Electra. Whether you want a reliable commuter bike to pick up speed on your ride to work or a performance bike for competitive racing, stop in to browse our bikes and take a test ride. 
Mountain Bike


Mountain bikes are designed for riding on trails and rough terrain. When you shop mountain bikes at Ajo Bikes, you’ll find a range of different suspension options, tire sizes, and gearing setups. We make it easy to find your ideal bike for hitting the trails. Shop our selection of leading mountain bike brands including Surly, Diamondback, Haro, Raleigh, and Soma. 
Recumbent Bike


At Ajo Bikes, we make it easy to explore the world of recumbent bikes and recumbent trikes. Recumbent bikes allow you to sit in a reclined position, which is easier on your back and joints. However, you won’t have to compromise a great ride, since a recumbent bike can take you almost anywhere a traditional bike can. Our incredible selection features bikes with both long wheelsets and short wheelsets, so both new and experienced riders can find the right setup. We have a variety of recumbent trikes in stock from Catrike, Sun Recumbent, Terra Trike, Trident Trike, and Ice Trike.