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BMX Bikes

BMX biking has roots in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when kids would mimic motocross racing and tricks while riding along roads, in parking lots, and on dirt tracks. Today, BMX biking is a sport all its own enjoyed by riders of all ages. And it all begins with the right bike.

Buying a BMX bike will be a unique experience from buying a mountain or road bike, because the features that work well on these more traditional bikes can keep you feeling stiff and slow in the world of BMX. Ajo Bikes is your source for BMX biking in Tucson, as we have a great selection of bikes from leading brands, along with established connections in the Tucson BMX community. We’re also here to keep your BMX rig in great shape—we’re the bike repair shop Tucson trusts.

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Types of BMX Bikes

Generally, most BMX bikes can handle dirt trails, street riding, and park tricks well, but it will be worth considering where you’d primarily like to ride before making your selection. Freestyle BMX bikes are built to withstand impacts—they can handle tough stunts at the skate park, dirt jumps, and street stunts. Racing BMX bikes are built for speed. They tend to feature the lightest weight frames crafted from strong but lightweight metal alloys like chromoly. They have a slightly different frame shape so they accelerate fast and handle nimbly on any curves and turns. You can also find minimalist bikes specifically designed for Flatland riding, but this type of riding is a more advanced style and shouldn’t be a focus for new BMX riders.

Buying Your BMX Bike

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to the right type of BMX bike, you’ll be ready to start making a short list of choices for your investment. If you’re completely new to BMX riding, then you may not be familiar with the unique sizing of these bikes and the features to look for. Here are some quick tips to help you shop:

Focus on the Frame

The frame is the foundation of your bike. It should strike a balance between being lightweight and being resistant to fatigue and bending. That’s why metal alloys are so popular as frame materials—they offer the best of both worlds. Frame shape is also an important consideration. Racing frames may be slightly longer with a narrower space between the top tube and down tube. Street BMX bikes are designed to sustain higher impacts with a broader frame shape. Again, consider where you or your child primarily wants to ride and use that guideline to find the correct frame.

Visit a Bike Shop to Size the Bike Correctly

Sizing a BMX bike can feel strange. There are different frame sizes for riders ranging from kids to adults, but most often, you will be riding on 20” wheels. This maintains the low clearance needed for spins, jumps, and other tricks. If you’re getting your or your child’s first BMX bike, head to a dedicated bike shop for a proper fitting.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Ajo Bikes can help you find your next BMX bike. BMX and freestyle bike brands we carry include Cult, Sunday, Haro, DK Bikes, Fit Bike Co., and Redline. Visit our bike repair shop or call (520) 294-1434 to start exploring our current inventory.