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Choosing The Right Bike for Your Child – Types of Kids’ Bikes

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are as simple as it gets. They are intended for kids ages 2-5, and they only feature wheels and a frame. Kids can walk or coast on the bike to start to learn how to coordinate and balance before moving up to a full bike setup.

Training Wheel Bikes

Many parents choose to start with training wheel bikes, because they offer more flexibility for growing riders. Training wheels can be attached to stabilize the bike, and then taken off as your child learns to balance and maintain control over the bike.

Trailer Bikes

For parents who are already avid riders, trailer bikes are popular. These feature another set of pedals for kids to start pumping their legs and building the right muscles for biking, but they still rely on the adult rider for steering and balance control. Children between ages 4 and 7 can easily ride on a trailer bike, and these bikes can help you travel longer distances on family bike rides.

Advanced Kids’ Bikes

Once your child starts to get older—around the ages of 9-12—the bike selection will start to look more familiar. You can choose from road bikes, cruisers, BMX bikes, and mountain bikes, which all come with wheel sizes of 20-24 inches to accommodate smaller riders. Generally, a cruiser bike will be the best commuter bike for a child, since these bikes are easy to ride and simple to maintain.

Sizing Information

With any type of kids’ bike, size is an important consideration. Generally, sizing recommendations are made based on age, but you should always measure your child’s inseam before shopping, since kids will grow at different rates. Here is a look at the basic age guidelines for bike sizing:

  • * 12” wheels – Ages 2-4
  • * 14” wheels – Ages 3-6
  • * 16” wheels – Ages 5-8
  • * 18” wheels – Ages 6-9
  • * 20” wheels – Ages 7-10
  • * 24” wheels – Ages 9-12

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